Red Poppies Video Art Lesson


2 Hour Video Art Lesson



Allow yourself to have fun and explore watercolors at home, using this real-time, detailed video art lesson.

In this digital art lesson, you’ll receive:

  • An email confirmation with step-by-step instructions
  • A 4 page handout to print; containing:
    • A high resolution reference photo
    • A line drawing of the subject
    • A list of watercolor supplies
    • Paint colors & mixtures used for this painting
  • A 2 hour video art lesson containing:
    • A brief video Introduction
    • Suggested painting supplies
    • Suggested paint colors & mixtures
    • How to transfer a line drawing of the subject
    • How to apply masking fluid
    • How to paint a wet-into-wet loose background
    • How to paint detailed Red Poppies step-by-step
    • A brief video Conclusion

If you enjoy this video art lesson, please consider taking photos of your painting and tagging Kristi (@KristiArzola) on social media or leaving her a review.