Custom art for your home or business. A perfect gift for that special someone.

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Each is hand-made & make wonderful gifts!

Ordering custom artwork, is simple and includes the following:


Describe the project you have in mind and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Standard Contract

For peace of mind, a standard contract will be signed by all parties included.

Weekly Updates

For peace of mind, we’ll send you weekly photos via email, so you can see the progress that is being made.

On Time Delivery

We never miss a deadline!

Mediums and Pricing

Pricing is based on linear inch (height + width).  For example, an 8 x 10 inch piece of art equals 18 linear inches.

All materials used are archival.  Phone consultations are available if you have any questions.

What project do you have in mind?

8 + 15 =

What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

“My husband is a collector of vintage dirt bikes.  He has a restored Maico bike from the 70’s that is very special to him.

We found Kristi’s web site and viewed some posting of art she had done, and loved her worked.  I contacted her about doing a painting for my husband for a Father’s Day gift.  She was very helpful with setting up a time that was convenient for me with my busy work schedule.  We agreed on a time to meet and take photographs of the bike I was wanting to have painted.

Kristi took some great pictures of the bike.  She had a lot of variety for me to choose from to get the painting just the way I wanted it.  She contacted me right away with my choices and we decided on a photo to use.

From the beginning to the end, Kristi had such a professional way of making the painting come to be.  Her weekly reports were wonderful.  I could not wait to see them each week and get to be a part of the process.  To see it unfold from blank paper to a wonderful piece of art, was a very rewarding experience and a huge part of the project.

She delivered the project right on time. Beautifully framed and ready for display. My husband was literally speechless to have such a special work of art done on one of his prized vintage dirt bikes.

Kristi is truly a gifted artist and talented with her people skills as well as he professionalism.

Thanks Kristi for the family heirloom you created for me!!”


“Kristi made entering into the new experience of commissioning art work a joy! Her professionalism reassured us we had made the right decision in choosing and trusting her with such a dear and precious subject, our son’s engagement portrait. In addition, Kristi’s fabulous personality and ever-present smile brought an element of fun to the whole experience.

We are currently considering having another piece commissioned, our granddaughters as flower girls in their uncle’s wedding. We have full confidence in Kristi, for this great life’s wonderful moments, to entrust her with another project so close to our hearts.

Kristi is a delight! And we cannot thank her enough for the delightfulness she brought into our lives throughout this journey and the look in our son’s eyes as he and his new bride opened their wedding gift.”


“As a Registered Nurse and finally achieving a dream of obtaining a Master’s of Science in Nursing degree, my husband decided to reward my efforts with a new painting.  I had an idea of what I wanted, but the idea was just a vision in my head.  We met Kristi Arzola through an acquaintance to which we had described our relative vision.

An appointment was made and Kristi arrived with her portfolio, so we sat down and browsed the portfolio.  I was instantly amazed at her work, not having a preconceived notion of her artistic abilities, but an understanding that she IS the artist I want, based on reviews from our acquaintance.  You, too, will be AMAZED at her work.

She came prepared with all the options to choose from, including sizes of paintings, medium choices, and price ranges.  Through some educational conversation (Kristi helped me choose which medium would be best for my vision), and some note taking about my vision, I commissioned the art by Kristi.  She assured me there would be weekly email updates on the work in progress and every Sunday, like clockwork, I received the email.  My particular project took 10 weeks; not bad for perfection!

Kristi is not a ‘paint by number’ or ‘tracer’ artist.  She is a bonified, trained, educated artist that will provide a work that is likely to become a family heirloom.  If you want to present a magical piece to a loved one that will be cherished for generations to come, call Kristi Arzola.”